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Urban Renew is moving!

Urban Renew is moving from our current Morristown location and will be closed for the short term. We will let everyone know when and where we re-open and thank all of our loyal customers, friends and family for their support as we transition into something greater and more accessible.

After three years in Morristown, Urban Renew must close at the end of November. We value our customers and want to update them on this change to our business plan. Do to increasing rents, location specific challenges and parking difficulties we have decided to move to another location. We are cancelling all recurring memberships but we hope to see you all once we announce our relocation. We will miss all of our clients and value the relationships and friendships we have made. You have all become a part of this journey to bring Homeostasis and Wellness into the lives of busy people. We hope your wellness quest keeps moving you forward.


We will meet again ~Urban Renew


what is urban renew?

Massage, only easier.

Urban Renew is a new mindful, customized relaxation experience that combines, private touchless compression massage, guided meditation and aromatherapy into a one of a kind immersive experience where you can de-stress and refresh. Highly advanced, multi-therapy, touchless 'Renewal Stations' provide a fully customized, consistent, hassle free massage experience every time.


Our 'Renewal Stations' are simply a must try to be believed.


Massage more often.

Easier to book, easier to get to, easier to repeat, highly affordable. Urban Renew Massage fits more seamlessly into your busy routine, more often.

Become a member and enjoy Urban Renew unlimited every month.

wellness for yourself, made easier

Enjoy a 30 or 60 minute massage experience whenever and as often as you want. Booking online is easy...just another way Urban Renew can de-stress your life.


The Urban Renew Massage Experience.

Easier, more frequent, fully customized massage is made possible through our highly advanced touchless 'Renewal Stations'. Far, far beyond your ordinary massage chair, our Renewal Stations are a high-tech upgrade you simply must try.

Fully Customized; infrared sensors fully customize your massage experience to your body's precise needs and goals whether it's to de-stress or workout recovery. Never worry about inconsistent massages or booking hassles again.

Heat Therapy; add heat to your full body massage and take your massage experience to another level. No stones required.

Compression Therapy; add another dimension to your massage experience with compression therapy. Combined with heat therapy, compression may aid in relaxation and workout recovery.

Aromatherapy; Whether you goal is to overcome fatigue, boost confidence, increase energy, bring on happiness or achieve total relaxation, adding aromatherapy to your massage experience is designed to transform you.

You Urban Renew Experience is a must try!